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Dive Into the New Age of
AI Accelerated Analytics

Our Services


Traffic congestion is the predominant cause of air pollution and accidents impacting areas including environmental, economics and  road safety. The use of intelligent traffic analytics can provide local authorities and road operators the ability to implement meaningful change based on insight driven from real data. 


Construction sites and projects pose a multitude of dangers and security risks to those operating or working on site. Our cloud and edge based solutions remove the ambiguity of on site supervision having to monitor behaviour. Our Site analytics provide an automated overview with notifications of near miss events and big data analytics.


Exploit the use of computer vision to automate the detection of people, vehicles and monitor assets. Our solutions allow the ability to provide immediate push notifications for a range of use cases to ensure that you have the means to immediately respond to any security threats. 


Our cloud based Internet of Things platform allows the easy integration of your devices. Display, track, interrogate, visualise, create reports and automate notifications for all of your connected devices and cameras on our single unified cloud platform.  

Edge Detection

Our edge based solutions allow analytics to be undertaken locally and can easily connect to your existing camera assets. Our solution establishes a secure connection back to our IoT platform and can provide video clip, snapshot or meta data results for validation. This application is specifically designed for use cases that do not have easy access to permanent network connection.

Cloud Analytics

For clients who have existing network connected cameras we provide a service to easily analyse and provide insight from data generated via your existing IP CCTV streams. Our scalable cloud infrastructure doesn't limit the amount of cameras we can analyse so this can prove to be a more cost effective implementation for specific use cases.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We can support your software development projects at whatever part of the process suits you, whether you need help developing the strategy for your bespoke software system or the technical knowledge and resources to build and deliver. Our end-to-end software development process means we can plan and design the perfect system for you, manage the project through to delivery and provide ongoing maintenance for your new application – or support you at any stage.

We provide software consultancy services to help define objectives, gather requirements, and scope your project to produce a functional and technical specification. We can design and build a prototype and proof of concept for your new software or we are equally happy to develop bespoke solutions to your pre-defined brief and requirements. No matter how you decide to use our services, we'll provide the software development solutions you need.

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