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Our Mission

Our goal is to advance and elevate businesses with the use of innovative Artificial Intelligence approaches to provide more efficient, profitable,  safe and green workplaces and environments.   

Our Story

Chris S. and Adam B. established LociLabs, with a mission to be a trusted partner of choice and help customers be confident of success when outcomes really matter. The business was founded at the end of 2019 providing software and hardware development services and resources.

In addition to mainstream development services LociLabs began to offer specialised computer vision and analytics development for a number of key clients. With a dedicated team of experienced ML developers and an ability to provide rapid end-to-end solutions we rapidly became the partner of choice for those seeking robust, adaptive and insightful computer vision solutions. 

LociLabs now offer not only development, project management and consultancy services but also have a suite of IoT devices and a hardware agnostic IoT platform.

The LociLabs senior leadership team have a wealth of development and industry experience gained over decades. This ensures that we have not only the ability to provide and assist with the practical application of solutions but also commercial, regulatory and security matters.

Our leaders actively encourage our development teams to challenge the ways that we work to ensure we utilise the latest, most robust and technically assured techniques for all of our client solutions. In addition to providing a technically robust leadership and development team we galvanise customer relations by empowering the ownership of projects from all individuals and parties involved from customer to individual developers.

Experienced Leadership

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